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About Your Touch of Beauty Spa 

"Beauty is the first gift which nature gives to women and is the first who receives it"

I use this motto in my life and when working with women who come to my salon. l want to help women of all ages to feel good in your own body. I'm trying to show them how to keep their skin in the best condition and health.

As a beautician in my salon I recommend professional beauty treatments depending on the needs of my clients skin. After skin treatments I give my clients a good advice in choosing the appropriate cosmetics for personal skin care. I enjoy showing my clients how to emphasize their beauty strengths and cover up the shortcoming by professional make up. I cannot forget about eyelashes extensions, which I recommend to every busy woman who does not have time to do eye makeup every day. The curled, longer lashes will become an ornament on her face.

I would like to say a few words about myself. My name is Kate. I originally come from Poland. I finished 3 years of cosmetology school in Cracow, Poland. After arriving to Chicago I continued to study in "new age cosmetology school" where I received my cosmetology licenses. I also completed courses in the care of the skin (bio-elements, glo-therapeutic), and eyelashes extensions.

I want to share my long time experience in the field of cosmetics with my clients and I want my salon "Touch of Beauty" to be your salon.


8142 W 111th Street
Palos Hills, IL 60465


Phone: (708) 307-3243